A letter from Fr. Thomas Cardone: Missionaries Needed in the Solomon Islands

Mar 14 2017

Dear Post College Alumni,

I am writing this on behalf of my brother, Archbishop Chris.

Three Volunteers are needed for the Solomon Islands. Archbishop Chris is in need of three volunteers to teach in the following programs.  Volunteers are needed for at least three months and this can be done on a tourist visa. Volunteers are also welcome for six or more months. He is looking for volunteers to begin in June or anytime after that. Below are listed the three places needing help.

1) Holy Name of Mary Major Seminary / Tenaru -about 20 minutes outside of town (Honiara). NEEDS English and computer teacher for our  45 major seminarians who come from our 3 Solomon Dioceses.

2) Catechist School which is also the site of our Pre-seminary where 24 students have a 2 year program of catechism / English and Religious studies to prepare them for the seminary. The students also include religious sisters who are beginning their training.  NEEDS English and Religious Studies Teacher.

3) Clare Carroll ’10 (a KMHS alumnae is doing her second tour in the Solomons) is at Visale HS living with the sisters doing English and computer and doing some pastoral work like training lectors and working with the eager youth. It is our most picturesque site; she swims and runs everyday. She also helps the DMI Sisters -Sr. Anna Ngosanna is Principal with the Vocational school there too.

Please direct questions to me: [email protected] or more detailed questions to Bishop Chris at [email protected]

–Father Tom