• December 25, 2016

    December 25, 2016 LK 21:29-33 In gospel LK 21:29-33 Jesus tells his disciples about the parable of the fig tree. Jesus says that the way we can distinguish what season it is by looking at the natural cycle of trees is the same way we should distinguish when God is

  • December 24, 2016

    December 24, 2016 LK 1:67-69 In the gospel LK 1:67-69 Zechariah prophesied to his people. This gospel states all of what the lord has promised his people. The lord has promised them free worship and no harm from their enemies in his name. He states, "...to guide our feet into

  • December 23, 2016

    December 23, 2016 LK 21:12-19 On this final day of Advent, one simple question remains: are you ready? Our society begins playing Christmas carols before Thanksgiving and constantly airing Christmas ads which reveal the best sales of the year; however, do these help us to be ready to encounter Jesus

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