Lenten Prayer Reflection by Chaz Scala

Apr 20 2014

JN 20:1-9
Perhaps the most important moment in Christianity is when the apostles and Mary of Magdala go to see Jesus in the tomb and discover that he is not there: he has risen from the dead? How can this be? He lay in silence for three days, his tomb guarded and the door blocked by a large stone. How could he possibly have disappeared? Mary can hardly believe her eyes, and rushes to tell the apostles. At first, they cannot fathom that Jesus has vanished mysteriously from the tomb, but in a pivotal second, “he saw and believed.” An important question we must ask ourselves is this: when do we believe? Do we have to wait for God to show himself to us, or do we seek him out?
The Resurrection is the most critical part of Christianity. Without the Resurrection, faith would be a farce. However, since Christ is truly the son of God and rose from the dead, our beliefs are all validated. Even though we, ourselves, did not see Jesus rise on that third morning and push the stone aside, we trust that he did. Faith is built on the foundation that he resurrected from the dead, and even further than that, the fact that we believe in the story of his great defeat of death. So on Easter we should all rejoice—the darkness is gone, the light has come to vanquish our doubts—and we will continue for the rest of our days