Lenten Prayer Reflection by Emily Gomez

Mar 24 2014

LK 4:24-30
In this reading from the Gospel of Luke, Jesus is preaching in a synagogue in Nazareth. He says to the people, “no prophet is accepted in his own native place.” He gives an example of the days of Elijah when there were many hardships happening in Israel; However, Elijah went to foreign lands like Sidon and Syria to do his work. The people were furious at hearing Jesus’ words and chased him out of the town.

The people in the synagogue were uncomfortable hearing this because why should God not send Elijah and the prophets to help His chosen people and them alone! Jesus’ message is that God is the God of all people. He is not just for one special group. This passage reminds us that every person we meet, big or small, is a child of God, and should be treated as such.