Lenten Prayer Reflection by Joseph Contillo

Apr 05 2017
JN 8:31-42
 This gospel reveals the importance of keeping our faith in Gods plan. Sometimes holding our faith in what Jesus has proclaimed to us is rather difficult and we are tempted to go towards where our inner feelings take us. For example, when we go through tuff times in our life and things don’t seem like they’re going our way, we tend to believe that God has lost his love for us. This leads to us loosing our faith in Him and causes us to move towards sin at times. Committing to Gods word is rather challenging when we don’t have the ability as humans to see what the future holds in store for us. That’s why hope is such an important factor in our faith. Scripture tells us the truth, and once we surround our thoughts with it, we can begin to think positively about our future and everything ahead of us.