Lenten Prayer reflection by Robert Romano

Mar 26 2015

JN 8:51-59
A covenant is an agreement or promise that someone makes with God. When we live our daily lives we as Catholics have made a covenant with God, which is always to honor our God, and to obey the 10 Commandments. Now that we are in the season of lent our will to strengthen and renew our relationship with God increases. We make a covenant with God for the 40 days of Lent, which states that we will make a sacrifice by abstaining from something very important to us.
In today’s readings, Abram makes a covenant with God that if he circumcises himself God will give him three great things. God tells Abraham, which is now his new name, that he will give him a son, make his name great, and that his descendants will be kings of great nations. Abraham honors his covenant with God and his descendants also do, which completes the covenant as God honors his part. Also, we have a covenant with Jesus, which he addresses by saying “Amen, amen whoever keeps my word will never see death.” This is saying that if we keep the word of Christ in our hearts for our entire lives we will go to Heaven and have eternal life.