Sodality Opening Prayer Service

Oct 15 2013

Article by Gabrielle Harvey, class of 2015:

This past Monday, Kellenberg Memorial High School held its annual Sodality Opening Prayer Service.  Sodality is a club which meets every Monday from 3:00pm to 3:30pm. During this time, no other activity or athletic event takes place. Every student in the high school has the opportunity to join a Sodality. Many of the students remain in Sodality all four years of high school and it is a great way to make bonds with the people in your Sodality throughout the years. This prayer service was lead by Father Tom and some students involved in Sodality also helped out during the service. Father Tom spoke about a passage from the Bible, Sirach 6:7, to describe the importance of friends.  He compares a faithful friend as a shelter and treasure for us all to have and Sodality is a great way to find those friends.