Lenten Prayer Reflection by Emily Berg

Apr 18 2014

John 18:1-19:42
The Gospel is about the suffering and death of Jesus, I believe it teaches us about deciding between good and evil, between making the decision of thinking of your needs before the needs of another. The Gospel also makes me think about why we would call this day “Good” Friday, and the question “how can Jesus’ sufferings, the betrayals of his brothers, the ghastly acts inflicted, how can we think this good?” We have to look beyond the symbol of the cross, and focus on what we cannot see, but what we believe; Jesus’ sufferings has prepared the way for our salvation.
This Gospel teaches us that Jesus demonstrated his love for us through his sufferings, and we should learn from His actions. To truly love another, we may have to make the difficult decision to be selfless and put our self in harm’s way. So I ask, is love then beautiful, how can this be, if love can cause you pain, but if you think about the person, whom is the benefactor of your love, isn’t it then beautiful?