A Call for Alumni Missionaries for the Solomon Islands

Dear Post-College Alumni,

I am writing this on behalf of my brother, Archbishop Chris.

Three more volunteers are needed to teach in the Solomon Islands!

Archbishop Chris is in need of three volunteers from July 15 – October 15, 2018.

Archbishop Chris Cardone, O.P. with school children from the Solomon Islands. (2009)

Happily, we have had several alumni serve as missionaries in recent years. Brendan Gilroy ’13 and Anne Fiore ’13 will be returning soon after spending time in the Solomon Islands since this past January. In addition, you may read the accounts of Ricky Willi ’12, Kiran Swamy ’12, and Clare Carroll ’10’s experience of their service at the bottom of this page for more information.

Here are the opportunities available:

  1. Holy Name of Mary Major Seminary. This is an opportunity to work with seminarians with their English skills and basic introduction to the computer.
  2. Pre-Seminary Catechist School. This is a school where young women are training to be Sisters and young men are preparing for the seminary. This is also an opportunity to work with those who aspire to a vocation in the area of English.
  3. Wanderer Bay School.  This is a rural school in Tangarare Parish in need of a Science and/or English teacher.


In order to give you a better first-hand idea of the missionary challenge ahead, please read the experiences of your fellow alumni and do not hesitate to contact them.

If you think God may be calling you in this direction and are seriously interested, please contact me at [email protected] so we can arrange a time to meet and talk.

Father Tom

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