College Credit Course Information


Kellenberg Memorial High School offers a total of 21 college courses in which students may earn college credits. These courses are offered in association with three colleges/Universities: St. John’s University, Farmingdale State and Molloy College. Kellenberg Memorial offers college-level classes in the following subjects:

  • American History II (Farmingdale HIST 122) (3 credits)
  • English Composition (Molloy ENG 100) (3 credits)
  • College Writing (Molloy ENG 110) (3 credits)
  • English Literature (Molloy ENG 161) (3 credits)
  • Calculus (Farmingdale MATH 150) (4 credits)
  • Art Portfolio Prep. (St. John’s ART 1200) (3 credits)
  • French 3 (St. John’s FRE 1010/1020) (6 credits)
  • French 4 (St. John’s FRE 2030/2040) (6 credits)
  • Latin 11 (St. John’s LAT 1010/1020 (6 credits)
  • Latin 12 (St. John’s LAT 2030/2040) (6 credits)
  • Spanish 4 (St. John’s SPA 1010/1020) (6 credits)
  • Spanish 5 (St. John’s SPA 2030/2040) (6 credits)
  • ASL 1 (Molloy ASL 101) (3 credits)
  • ASL 2 (Molloy ASL 102) (3 credits)
  • Senior Religion (Molly TRE 252) (3 credits)

Students require an 85 cumulative average over their first three years (two years for Juniors) to participate. The courses are conducted at Kellenberg Memorial High School. One of the benefits of the courses is that students can earn college credit while taking their regular high school classes. The courses are taught by Kellenberg Memorial High School teachers during the regular school day. Important details of each of the three programs are as follows:






  • Tuition: $250 per course
  • Scholarships: $1,000 per year scholarship from Molloy if attending Molloy
  • Please see the following webpage for more information:

All scholarships are in addition to any other scholarships or financial aid offered by the participating school. Kellenberg Memorial does not retain any of the fees that are paid towards college courses. The total cost that you pay is paid or forwarded to the sponsoring college or University. We receive many questions about the transferability of credits. Each of the three institutions issues transcripts, upon the student’s request, for classes completed. It is the student’s responsibility to request a transcript directly from the school and provide it to the school he or she plans to attend. The forms to request transcripts are available on the Kellenberg website or from each institution directly. Please be advised that there is no way to predict if the college you/your child wishes to attend will accept these credits. While the colleges represent that these credits may be accepted at a number of colleges, there is no guarantee that the college or program you/your child wishes to enroll in will accept these credits. Therefore, if the transferability of credits is important to your/your child’s ultimate decision to enroll in one or more of the college credit courses, it is recommended that you contact the Admissions Office of any college you or your child wishes to attend and ask if the credits will be transferable at the college.

You may also wish to visit a searchable database created by the University of Connecticut to get a general idea about the transferability of credits to specific institutions. The website can be found at:

Please feel free to contact Mr. Cartier at (516) 292-0200 if you have further questions.

College course request sheets must be handed in by May 1, 2018.