Apostolic Marianist Leaders are a selected group of Seniors who serve as Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers at Mass and work many liturgical events. 

A Eucharistic Minister is a strong Christian, a friend of Christ and one who extends the friendship of Christ to others through the distribution of the body and blood of Christ at Mass and at Communion Services. Each Spring, the Kellenberg Memorial Family commissions a select number of Juniors as Special Ministers of the Eucharist to serve the school community during their Senior Year. In addition to serving the Kellenberg Memorial Community, our Eucharistic Ministers are also committed to a relationship with the four neighboring health related facilities: The Bristal, Sunrise, Fulton Commons and Island Assisted Living.  Each Wednesday, during the school year and through the summer, Kellenberg Memorial Eucharistic Ministers conduct Communion Services and spend time at each of these facilities serving the elderly in the local community.

Any student who meets the following requirements may apply in the spring of their Junior Year:

  1. A baptized and confirmed practicing Roman Catholic.
  2. A person who is faithful to prayer.
  3. A person who attends Mass in the local parish every Sunday.
  4. A person who participates in the recitation of midday prayer before lunch.
  5. A person who is willing to participate in a formal period of diocesan and school training that begins in the Spring of their Junior Year.

All applications are reviewed and submitted to the Administration for approval.