2014 Advent Prayer Reflection by Amanda Martins

Dec 04 2014

Mt 7:21, 24-27
This gospel talks about what it really means to be a true Catholic. Have you ever really reflected upon yourself to see if you are living out your faith on a daily basis? As children of Jesus, we should try to live out our faith by being active. “Actions speak louder than words.” Don’t just say, do what you say and prove to others how you connect with the Lord.
Matthew says in this gospel that saying you are holy/religious isn’t the same unless you act out your faith. You can do this by helping the poor, going to church, etc. Those who show their faith by their works are truly religious and will have a place in heaven. People who build their lives on faith and follow God’s teachings and act out on them are most likely to be saved and endure the struggles of life. Those people who do not participate in living their faith will face many difficulties because they are not sure of how to put God before them and hope.