Advent Prayer Reflection by Eddie Cramsie

Dec 23 2015

December 23rd, 2015
Luke 1:57-66

The Gospel for today is an amazing story of faith, Zechariah is visited by an angel before and the angel told him that he will have a son, but Zechariah doesn’t believe him because he and his wife, Elizabeth, are very old. The angel then tells him that he will be mute until the child will be born. Once the baby was born all of their relatives were asking Elizabeth what their child will be named, and Elizabeth replied that their son’s name will be “John”; but her relatives thought she was crazy because nobody in the families name was John. So they asked Zechariah what his name would be and since Zechariah was mute they brought him a clay tablet and asked him. Zechariah then wrote on the tablet “John in his name.” Then Zechariah’s lips were opened and he could again speak, which he sang the song we know as the Benedictus now. After nine long months of being mute the first thing that Zechariah does is sing a song of praise. Praise when he could not talk for 9 months. This shows the immense joy that St. John the Baptist brought to his family and the happiness that Zechariah knows that the Redeemer is coming.