Advent Prayer Reflection by Elizabeth Huggard

Dec 17 2016

December 17, 2016

MT 1:1-17

The Gospel reading for Saturday, December 17th, comes from the first lines of the first chapter of the Gospel of
Matthew. Beginning with Abraham and Isaac, this reading lists the genealogy of Jesus. It lists all of His ancestors,
eventually leading to Jacob, the father of Joseph. Joseph was the earthly father of Christ, and that is where the
Gospel reading ends. As a junior at Kellenberg, my classmates and I have been assigned a family history project.
This project encourages us to discover the roots of our family, and it allows us to trace back to where we came
from. I think that it is essential to know who you truly are. I love hearing stories from my grandparents about their
grandparents, and I love learning about the countries that my family used to live in many many years ago. I feel that
this project really relates to the Gospel. Jesus was indeed a real human like I am, and just like I know where I
originate from, the Church learns from this reading where Jesus came from. This reading exemplifies how Christ is
truly an ordinary person who exhibits Divine extraordinary characteristics.