Advent Prayer Reflection by Georgio Desmornes

Dec 25 2015

December 25, 2015
LK 2:15-20

Following the birth of baby Jesus in a shoddy stable, an angel appeared to a small group of shepherds and told them the news of Jesus’ birth. After their encounter with the angel, these humbled shepherds went to the stable where Mary had given birth to Jesus, and became the first people to witness Jesus Christ’s cordial presence. Jesus Christ, the savior of the world, had just been born, and one would think that every single important person in the public eye should come to Bethlehem to be the first to witness His greatness! On the contrary however, God sent an angel to a small group of ordinary shepherds telling them the good news. This is a prime example for the fact that God sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to save all of humanity.