Advent Prayer Reflection by Julie Scuderi

Dec 18 2015

Dec. 18, 2015 –
Matthew 1:18-25

Today, Matthew’s Gospel teaches us about Joseph’s acceptance of Jesus as his son. This was no easy task, and Joseph’s ability to do this displays his humility, trust, and holiness. God asked a lot of both Mary and Joseph, and they bore their crosses with honor. (Must be where Jesus got it from!) Initially, Joseph planned to quietly divorce Mary, because he could not comprehend her virgin conception. Understanding how difficult this was going to be for Joseph, God sent an angel to him in a dream to ease his worries and encourage fortitude. In this dream, the angel tells Joseph that the child will be named Jesus. The significance in this is that “Jesus” comes from the Hebrew word meaning “to save.” Joseph would have known this, and perhaps this knowledge helped him to grasp the magnitude of his unborn son’s future. Although the entire salvation story was not revealed to him, perhaps Joseph knew that God had a divine plan for his son. When you think of Joseph, try to emulate his humble acceptance of God’s will in your own life. Admire his courage and faithfulness as he awaited the coming of the Newborn King!