Advent Prayer Reflection by Laura Rathjen

Dec 02 2015

December 2nd
MT 15:29-37

For this day’s prayer reflection (the first week of Advent), we reflect on a Gospel reading from Matthew 15: 29-37, the story of the multiplication of the fishes and loaves. This is a prototypal Gospel story, that most are very familiar with, in which Jesus is brought seven loaves of bread and a few fish to feed an extensive crowd of people. He performs a miracle and is able to not only feed the hungry group but also have seven baskets of food left over. This simple parable reminds us of the stretches of God’s power and love for us. Nothing is impossible for God. What I take away from this, is that God wants to take care of us and provide for us. It is important, through gentle petition, for us to ask God for what we hunger for. He is our Father and will answer our prayers, with either Yes, Not right now, or I have something better planned. We must have faith in God’s care for us and know, with God, we will never hunger.