2014 Advent Prayer reflection by Lindsay Appel

Dec 24 2014

Luke 1:67-79

In the Gospel from Luke, Zechariah speaks of his own child, St. John the Baptist, and Jesus. Zechariah had been mute for a long time after finding out Elizabeth was to bear a child, and the first words from his mouth are proclaiming joy to the Lord and how the Lord’s words will be fulfilled. Zechariah speaks of Jesus when he says that God is raising up a savior from the house of David to fulfill the words of the prophets. Then he addresses his child saying that John will prepare the way for the prophet of the most high. Luke depicts Zechariah filled with the joy that we are filled with during this Advent season. St. John the Baptist prepared the Israelites for Jesus just like the Advent season prepares us for the celebration of Jesus’ birth. During this advent season, we are called to be like Zechariah filled with joy for the coming of the Lord.