2014 Advent Prayer reflection by Michelle Dec

Dec 15 2014

Matthew 21:23-27

The gospel of Matthew deals with the question of divine authority. As Catholics we believe that God is the ultimate and greatest authority in each of our lives. However, just as the chief priests in the gospel did, we can sometimes question the authority of God. It is natural for humans to ask questions and fall into periods of doubt. This is common especially in times of difficulty where it can be easier to blame God instead of turning to him for help. During these times of doubt or difficulty it is extremely important to envelop ourselves in our prayer life so that God may inspire us and give us guidance.
While in the midst of this Advent season we must remember to stay faithful and keep firm in our beliefs. Although it is easy to get carried away in all the fun of the Christmas Season, we should always keep Christ first in our hearts and minds. Let this Advent be a time of renewed faith and great anticipation for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.