2014 Advent Prayer Reflection by Nicole Dato

Dec 12 2014

Luke 1:39-47

Elizabeth, Mary’s cousin, is miraculously pregnant. She was old and barren, but now by the grace of God she will have a child. The child in Elizabeth’s womb will be John the Baptist, the forerunner for Jesus Christ. Mary goes to help her cousin around the house during the last stages of Elizabeth’s pregnancy and the first months after John is born. Once Mary arrives and sees her cousin, the baby jumps in Elizabeth’s womb, recognizing the presence of Jesus in Mary. Elizabeth admires Mary’s unyielding faith in the Lord for the two of them, a barren woman and a virgin, each pregnant with a child. Mary recognizes the greatness of the Lord and we must do the same. This gospel reading is inspiring because it teaches us to trust in God. It also portrays some of the extraordinary things He is capable of. We must keep faith in the Lord because “with God, all things are possible. “ (Matthew 19:26)