Advent Prayer Reflection by Patrick Graham

Dec 12 2015

December 12th
Lk 1:26- 38

On the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, it makes sense to look toward Mary as the perfect disciple of Jesus. The Gospel proclaims the story of the Annunciation, when the Angel Gabriel told the Virgin Mother of her child Jesus, and her acceptance of her role as the handmaid of the Lord. The Gospel is a narrative of accepting your role in God’s plan, and you will be praised for your Faith; Mary is greeted with, “Praise to you Mary, for God is within your heart, your sole, and your mind.”
She is told something unbelievable: she is pregnant because the Holy Spirit is with her, the child is the son of the creator of the universe, and he will rule the throne of a king from a thousand years ago. She, having Faith – only assured by her Faith in God, fearful of what is happening – accepts this plan. She accepts the unbelievable. We are to act this way, accepting God’s plan because of our Faith in Him.