2013 Advent Prayer Reflection by Philip Bacigalupo

Dec 23 2013

Luke 1:57-66

This reading is a great example of how we should allow God to guide us. A man named Zechariah was in disbelief that his wife, Elizabeth, had conceived and was having a son. He was thus struck mute, unable to speak. It was at this time that Elizabeth was visited by her cousin, the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is able to tell Elizabeth that despite her advanced age,

no word shall be impossible with God” -Luke 1:36.

This justifies the omnipotence of God, and that He is the one who shall guide us. It is though Him that Zechariah in this reading knows to name his child John. Immediately, his tongue was freed and he was able to speak. Whenever we, like Zechariah, are facing hard times or are in disbelief, it is then that we cannot forget that God is there, waiting to give us guidance.