2014 Advent prayer reflection by Stephanie Gallo

Dec 18 2014

MT 1:18-25
God gives grace to all who believe in Him. God’s plan of redemption begins with Mary saying yes to Him. It continues with the conception of Jesus in Mary’s womb. This begins the new era of Salvation! Eve was the mother of all humanity, doomed to sin. Mary, now, becomes the mother of the new “Adam” who will be father to a new humanity! The child that Mary holds is the fulfillment of God’s promises. He will save the people from their sins.
When the angel Gabriel tells Mary she will have a child, she questions him. She asks how that is possible, since she has no husband. When Gabriel explains she has conceived Jesus through the Holy Spirit if she accepts, Mary immediately responds with “Yes”! Mary is full of grace; she is eager and willing to accept God’s plan, even if it means hardship for her. When God asks us to go through a struggle, sometimes we question or even doubt Him. However, we need to remember that God gives us the help, strength, and means to get through any suffering. God gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers; He will not bring us to anything He can not bring us through.