2014 Advent prayer reflection by Stephanie Gallo

Dec 03 2014

MT 15:29-37
Every single person who meet Jesus was touched by Him. The miracles that He performed showed God’s power and the greatness of His mercy and love. We then should not be surprised to see Jesus making “impossible” demands of his disciples. When Jesus requested the disciples to feed 4,000 people, while they had virtually no food, they were surprised. They thought, “Where in this desert place could there be enough bread to feed the people?” Jesus never fails to deliver. He provides more than enough bread for the starving crowd who came to the desert to listen to Him. A true miracle! There were even leftovers, which the people happily took with them. The multiplication of the bread and fish is a symbol of what God always does. He knows our needs, and He cares about them. When He gives, He gives in plenty. When God works for His people, He gives us more than we could ever need or deserve. He nourishes us with his word.