2014 Advent Prayer Reflection by Suzanne Hom

Dec 21 2014

Luke 1:26-38

This passage from the Gospel of Luke recounts the Annunciation, where
the archangel Gabriel reveals to Mary that she is to be the Mother of
God. As can only be expected, Mary has questions and doubts about the
angel’s awesome message. In the end, she accepts her role in God’s
grand design and bears in her womb Jesus Christ, God become man.
As human beings, we tend to wonder what God has planned for
us and how He will get us there. Too often, however, we desire that
our will be done rather than God’s. We make marvelous plans for our
lives and become discouraged when things don’t work out as we had
hoped. Instead of looking to control every detail of our lives, we
ought to take after the Blessed Virgin Mary and give ourselves
completely over to God, forsaking our will for His. As this Advent
season draws to a close, we need to take on the role of servants to
the Lord rather than seeking to be masters over our own lives.