Advent Prayer Reflection by Thomas Dompkowski

Dec 07 2015

December 7:
LK 5:17-26

In this Gospel from Luke, two blind men are asking Jesus to have mercy on them and open their eyes. He asks them if they believe that he can do this. They say yes and He places His hands on their eyes, healing them. He warns them not to tell of this miracle to anyone, but they go out and do it anyway.

“Let it be done for you according to your faith.” In this passage, Jesus is telling us that if we truly have faith in His divinity and His love for us, He will work miracles in our lives. This doesn’t mean that we can just say that we believe in Him and not really mean it. Too many people today pray but don’t have any heart to it. And they then complain that God isn’t listening or “God doesn’t love me.” Jesus healed these blind men of their affliction because they responded, “Yes, Lord,” and meant it with all their heart. I don’t find this response to mean, “Yeah, yeah, we believe. Now heal us.” I find that this shows they had complete faith in the power of Jesus. And because of this faith, He told them that the deed would be done according to their faith. If they didn’t have true, complete faith that he could heal them, they wouldn’t have been healed. The question that Christ asks us is, “Do you believe that I can do this?” That is one of the most important questions He gives us. Will we have faith in Him? Will we trust in His knowledge and His plan for our lives? I give Him trust, not as often as I would like, because I sometimes let emotions cloud my judgement, but I trust in His plan. But this is the question of our faith. Will we believe?