2014 Advent Prayer reflection by Thomas Lane

Dec 17 2014

MT 1:1-17
Matthew connects the genealogy of the Holy family and connects the significance of generations. Matthew begins with Abram, and connects the family’s descendants all the way to David, claiming 14 generations have passed. Then from David to the Babylonian Exile, another 14 generations have come to pass. Lastly from the Exile to Jesus, another 14 generations have passed. One part of the Bible that is mystical and has extreme significance is the connection of numbers. For example, the 12 Tribes of Jacob and the 12 Apostles, each ushering in a period of religious upheaval and bearing witness to God’s will, forever changing religious faith life (in Judaism for the 12 tribes and Catholicism for the Apostles). This passage connects the differences of the generations that have endured pains in seeking their respective saviors, such as David or Jesus, and brings to light the same amount of waiting each of us has endured. As we prepare for the birth of Jesus, we reflect on the importance of our Jewish ancestors and the preparation and patience we have endured for His coming. We reflect on the relativity we have with our Jewish ancestors and pray for them so they may meet our Savior, Jesus Christ. We should also keep in mind the suffering that they have endured, as well as ourselves, through exile, and as we suffered through our generations of persecution. We should not be looking down on the Jewish men and women in our time period for having a different belief system, but seeking the common ground we share with them and the similarities in our faith lives under the same God Almighty.