2013 Advent Reflection by Alexandra Hamilton

Dec 16 2013

Reading 1 – Numbers 24: 2-7, 15-17

Balaam saw Israel in a somewhat camp like atmosphere, noticing how pretty it looked and how good is made him feel. Seeing the gardens beside the stream just like the cedars that were planted by the Lord, it reminded him that this was what they looked like. Because of God’s sprit being with them they would have the sea within reach, his wells would yield free flowing waters and his king would rise higher and royalty shall be exalted. Balaam’s oracle said because of the beauty, although God cannot be directly seen and may not be felt close by, with must still have faith and with that faith things will get better.

PS 25: 4-5, 6-7

We want the Lord to teach us his ways and show us how to be caring, by teaching us compassion and kindness. For him to guide us in his truths and show us how to be good followers of the Lord. God teaches everyone and helps to show all of us the way.

Matthew 21:23

Jesus was teaching in the temple when he was questioned by the chief of priests and the elders,  “By what authority are you doing these things? And who gave you this authority?”  Jesus replied to them with a question. “Where was John’s baptism from? And was it heavenly or human origin?” When the elders refused to answer, Jesus himself refused to answer there question also.