2013 Advent reflection by Christie Catterson

Dec 24 2013

Luke 1:67-79
​Here we are again at this most magical time of the year. The whole world seems to glisten and sparkle with the Christmas trees, lights, and decorations. There is a sense of peace and happiness among all men. Tonight we commemorate the birth of our Savior who humbled himself by becoming a little baby to save all humanity.
This passage from Luke reminds us of advent, a time preparing for the birth of our Lord. This canticle, or song of praise, is stated by Zechariah the father of St. John the Baptist. Just as Mary received a message from Gabriel about being the mother of God, Zechariah was told that Elizabeth was going to have a son. Zechariah was dumbfounded and doubted God. As a result, God took away Zechariah’s ability to speak. Then one day when the relatives argued about the name of St. John, Zechariah was able to speak saying, “His name is John.” Soon after he wrote this canticle praising God for He is fulfilling the salvation of the world.
As a graduating senior, I know how hard it is to say yes to God’s call as Mary did. It is overwhelming and scary to have to choose what college to attend next year, what classes to take, and how I can continue on my walk on the beach with God. But then I think, God is always there to lead me and guide me when I get lost. This Christmas I challenge each one of you to strengthen your relationship with God. With Him anything and everything is possible. While the season is partially about the gifts and presents, let us not forget that God has given the greatest gift of all. It is the gift of eternal life.