2013 Advent Reflection by Christie Catterson

Dec 04 2013

Matthew 15:29-37

God created his son, Jesus, to redeem the world. It is through his death that we are given eternal life. Jesus came for all humanity to heal them and teach them the ways of the church. Today’s gospel reading has two messages for the youth of the Church. In the first part of the reading, Matthew described the crowd that Jesus attracted. The crowd composed of the lame, blind, deformed, and mute. Through His father, Jesus healed them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. The message for us is that God will always heal us of our sins no matter what they are. All we need to do is ask for God’s everlasting forgiveness. God is just that great!

The second part of the gospel is one of my favorite miracles performed by Jesus during his ministry. It was when Jesus only had seven loaves and a few fish to feed a crowd of hundreds. He gave thanks to God, broke the bread and proceeded to distribute the food amongst the crowd. Those seven loaves and a few fish were able to feed the whole crowd and have seven baskets full of left overs. This miracle shows the power of God. For Catholics today, it is a reminder for us to place our full trust in God. He gives us everything we need to be satisfied.  During Advent this year, let us have a little more faith in God to satisfy our lives.