2013 Advent Reflection by Jenna Marsala

Dec 01 2013

Matthew 24:37-44


In this Gospel, Jesus first describes the way of life during the days of Noah.  During those days, people were drinking, eating, and marrying as they please, not thinking of the flood which lay ahead of them.  Jesus then described how life would be when the Son of Man comes; for example, when two men are out in a field, one man will be taken and the other man will be left.  Jesus then instructs His disciples to be alert for they do not know when they will be taken away.  Jesus further tells His disciples that they should be prepared for the day in which the Son of Man will come.  We should also stay alert and be prepared for this moment.  Jesus will come to us when we least expect; therefore, we should always live a life that we would be proud to show to Jesus.