Welcome to the Nest: A Latin School Orientation in Four Parts

Some tips for fledgling Firebirds, new to the nest:

Part 1 – The Spiritual Dimension

A common belief in the importance of faith as a foundation for all growth is at the heart of the Latin School and Kellenberg Memorial as a whole.  It is a necessary point of reference for personal growth and self-knowledge and is essential to developing an understanding of and compassion for those around us.

Part 2 – Academics

“One heart, one mind” is the school motto that unites our faculty and student body.  We see our role as one of support to parents who are “first teachers.”

Our work is accomplished through a distinctive academic program that utilizes an organized daily structure and cultivates strong study habits.  Students are provided with a solid academic foundation that acts as a basis for success in future years.

The academic program is supported by faculty whose knowledge is shared enthusiastically in the classroom, grounded in the Marianist charism of directing our faith to Jesus through Mary, and inspired by a variety of outside interests.

Part 3 – Adjustment

We actively seek to dispel the uncertainty that students often encounter in their middle school years . The transition to the Latin School is accomplished on a number of levels and incorporates the efforts of faculty and current students, seeking to establish a feeling of trust and confidence while creating a family atmosphere.

Part 4 – Activities

Student involvement at school leads to social growth, a feeling of belonging, and positive self-esteem.  Our faculty is present not only in the classroom, but as moderators of clubs and activities and as members of the coaching staff.   The presence of the teacher is important in the classroom and beyond.

Embracing each of these important areas of growth will allow your Latin School experience to truly become a “friendly start to something big.”