We wanted to share a few updates to help you organize all the information you’ve been receiving from colleges. Please see below.

Keep track of the updates for your top three schools. We suggest starting a Google Sheet to list all the relevant information.

Continue to send copies of all your scholarships, acceptance, waitlist, and rejection letters from your colleges to Mrs. Emilio by email (

Keep your college list on Naviance up-to-date as you continue to hear back from your schools.

Institutions recognize this is an important time in your senior year and they are working tirelessly to make the virtual experience just like a campus experience, such as admitted student days, which are loaded with useful information, videos, and connect you with current students to give you that “ah-ha” moment. Additionally, each school has made itself readily available to speak with you and your parents if you have any questions or concerns.

Continue to use the NACAC website for both admissions and general updates because they continue to add schools to their ever-growing list.

Reach out to your college counselor if you have any questions. We are happy to chat with you!