About the Latin School

Brother Joseph C. Fox Latin School

The Bro. Joseph C. Fox Latin School is established to allow Catholic families with children in the public school system to choose a Catholic school education for their sons and daughters in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades. The Latin School program is available for these public school students who wish an alternative to the available public middle school system. This program is not a replacement for the parochial school sixth, seventh and eighth grades but rather another avenue to the benefits of a Catholic education for those families who do not already enjoy this tradition of schooling.

The sixth, seventh and eighth grade program at Kellenberg Memorial High School is known as a Latin School because of the rich tradition in education that the study of Latin offers. The study of languages, particularly Latin, has long been prized as an especially effective way to train the mind and to educate the heart in patterns of civility, order and respect. The classical education offered by the Bro. Joseph C. Fox Latin School provides a solid foundation for high school studies.

The Latin School is housed in the same building as Kellenberg Memorial High School. The classes are held in a designated section of the school. Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students have use of all the school’s facilities: library, computer and science laboratories, gymnasium, cafeteria, etc.

The Assistant Principal for the Latin School supervises the daily activity of the school.  Students are expected to behave properly in school.  Students are held responsible for their assignments.  Missing assignments are completed after school in a supervised room.  A school uniform is worn during school hours by all students.  The focused curriculum and extracurricular programs in the Latin School provides the middle school student with a solid foundation for meeting the challenges of high school.

The curriculum for the Latin School has been drawn up in conformity with the school’s consistent policy of promoting the greatest intellectual competence together with the highest moral character. The scope of the curriculum provides for an academic education in preparation for high school. Students study religion, English, mathematics, science, social studies, Latin (reading in the sixth grade), and the fine arts. A physical education program is provided.