Lenten Pray Reflection by Christie Catterson

Apr 14 2014

JN 12:1-11

Jesus did an impossible thing. He raised Lazarus from the dead. After such an incredible miracle, Jesus and the disciples are enjoying a simple meal. After dinner, Mary used expensive oil and anointed the feet of Jesus with her hair. As a result, Judas questioned why she used such pricey oil on his feet. He made the point that the money would be better spent helping the poor. However Jesus foreshadows His death by saying that Mary should save the oil and use it to prepare His body for the grave. At this point, the chief priests were starting to get angry and resentful towards Jesus because many Jews were starting to leave and follow Jesus instead.

As a Catholic teenager, I find it very easy to just going through the emotions and question who God is and what His plan is for me. In this way, we are like Judas, not understanding God’s purpose and wonder why God does certain things. We should become more like Mary who is on the same page and completely understands Jesus. In her heart, she knows what is going to happen and in the gesture of anointing Jesus’ feet, she gives what she can. As Lent is quickly coming to an end, it should be our goal to come to fully understand God’s sacrifice for humanity. God loves us to much that He was willing to suffer a sorrowful passion so that we may have eternal life. And that is something we should understand and rejoice for God’s grace.