Lenten Prayer Reflection by Lindsey Echausse

Feb 25 2016

LK 16:19-31

In today’s Gospel, Jesus explains to the Pharisees the story of Lazarus and the rich man. The rich man dined extravagantly everyday while a poor man Lazarus died at his doorstep. Lazarus was so sickly that dogs even licked his sores. When the poor man died he was carried away by angels to Abraham, and when the rich man died, he screamed out for Abraham from the depths of hell. Abraham told him, “My child remember that on Earth you received what was good; but now he is comforted here whereas you are tormented.” (Luke 16: 19-31) Whenever I read this story, I pity the rich man for his selfish mistakes. But I think if we were all honest with ourselves, we would realize that we can be more like the rich man than we think. We like to reassure ourselves that if we encountered a “Lazarus” we would be first to help him; but we encounter “Lazarus” situations everyday! Now think about how often you stop to help someone. On a small, and grand scale, there are many “Lazarus”‘s we need to reach out to. You know that quiet girl in math class? Find something to compliment her on…Congrats! You made someone smile! The kid in your grade you’ve never even seen before, why not say “Hi” or give a quick smile? Thank your bus driver. Listen to someone who just needs to talk. Start a conversation with the freshman on your bus. Find time for people. Too often we think the world revolves around us, and we don’t care to acknowledge even the tiny wounds in people we are capable of healing. I think that’s what Jesus is trying to tell us, that we need to put others before ourselves. Realize who needs your help. Don’t be the rich man, lend it out without hesitation, EVEN when it’s inconvenient.