Lenten Prayer Reflectin by Julia Lafferty

Feb 27 2016

LK 15:1-3, 11-32
This Gospel reading about the son running away can relate to young kids today. Everyone always ask “mom can I borrow twenty bucks” or “mom I need money to go to the movies,” but they always come back. This time, it appeared that the son did not come back. He felt that he could really live on his own. A realization to children after they make a mistake only helps them to grow stronger. So, this is why to some people they are shocked at the father’s embracement of the son when he comes home. The father is only feeling love for his son at all times. This can make me look at my life and realize that no matter how many times you mess up, your parents are always there. When I actually shared this gospel reading with my PREP class, they had so many questions. All I could say to them is that mommy and daddy will always love them, but they must be apologetic! Some kids in life sometimes can “get lost and then be found,” and that is a phrase I have heard often.