Lenten Prayer Reflection by Jeffrey Lozano

Feb 22 2015

MK 1:12-15
​Jesus is guided by the Spirit to the desert to find himself in seclusion. God sends his son, Jesus Christ, to the desert to find himself for forty days and to defeat the devil and temptation. We as Christians will have temptations come in many shapes and forms. But we must learn to fight the devil and temptation by finding ourselves in prayer. God has John the Baptist has come before the messiah to prepare the way for the coming of the lord and his preaching. But when John the Baptist is arrested, Jesus has to come preach the gospel and the word of God to the Gentiles. Jesus has come and now is gone, but we must continue his works. Using the gifts that we received from the Spirit in Conformation, we must spread the word of God and his works of mercy. We must show others that by prayer we are connected with God. That we have received the fulfillment of Christ Jesus in his ministers and in his word. Because we as carriers of sin must repent, and deny temptation, the devil, we should attend reconciliation. God has sent us in these forty days of lent to repent and give up temptations that come I the form of the seven deadly sins. Because after we give up temptation, the Holy Spirit, the Son and the Father will come together to show us everlasting love.