Lenten Prayer Reflection by Adrianna Duggan

Apr 12 2014

Gospel JN 11:45-56
The Gospel today begins with a common theme: fear. The Pharisees and the Sanhedrin of Jesus’ time feared the power Jesus had in their kingdoms. They feared what else he could do if he could preform such miracles and they feared losing everything that they claimed as theirs.

Caiaphas, the high priest, then says that it is better for the Sanhedrin for one man, Jesus, to die, than for the whole nation to die. Though this statement is Caiaphas almost condoning the death of Jesus, what he does not realize is that by the very fact of his death Jesus is saving a whole nation from death. If Jesus does not die on the Cross and is not resurrected, then the whole nation cannot live.

So Jesus’ death does fulfill Caiaphas’ prophecy because He does die, and in His death and resurrection He unites the people of God. Though the Sanhedrin believed that Jesus death would save them all of their kingdoms and peoples it does the exact opposite. Killing Jesus allows the people to live but they are no longer subject to only the Pharisees, they answer to a higher King.