Lenten Prayer Reflection by Ally Chin

Mar 24 2016

John 13:1-5
Even before the Passover, Jesus knew his time has come and he would pass from this world to heaven. Jesus already knew that Judas had been fooled by the Devil. At the last Supper, Jesus suddenly rose from the table and began to pour water into a basin. He then went to each of the disciples’ feet and washed them. When he got to Simon Peter, Peter asked him “Master are you going to wash my feet?”. Then Jesus responded by saying Peter would not understand now but later. Peter told him “You will never wash my feet”. Unless Jesus washed, he would receive no inheritance. After washing all of their feet, he explained to them that he has given them a model to follow. They should do what he has done for them onto others.
This gospel shows the humble nature of Jesus. Even though Jesus knew Judas would betray him, he still washed his feet. This makes me think of his strength and how forgiving Jesus was even to his betrayer. This gospel makes me ask myself if I could be so humble that I would wash the feet of my friends even one that I know will betray me. Back then, the guests would wash their own feet or have a servant do it for them. When Jesus washed their feet, it was astonishing particularly because they used to call him master and the master of a house would never stoop as low as washing someones feet.I am especially amazed at how he could help his disciples when he knew that in a few days he would be killed. If you knew that you were going to die soon, an especially a painful death, what would you be doing?