Lenten Prayer reflection by Alyssa Scivoletti

Mar 13 2015

Mark 12:28-34
Today’s Gospel is important to us as Catholics because these two commandments came directly from Jesus himself. The gospel reading today talks about when one of the scribes asked Jesus what he thought the most important commandments were. Jesus replied back to Love the Lord our God with all of our Heart, With all of our Mind, with all of our strength and with all of our soul. This verse is extremely important every day but especially during the Lent season. Loving a world and loving the things in this world is very difficult to do while loving God with every fiber of our being. Everything that we say and do should show our love for God.

The second point that Jesus makes is to love your neighbor like yourself. It is important to love your neighbor like yourself because this is coming straight from the mouth of Jesus. If God didn’t think it was important he would’ve never spoke it to be. Loving your neighbor like yourself means loving your neighbor despite their imperfections and impurities. Loving your neighbor also means that you look at your neighbor and love them just the way that God loves each and every one of us.

During this Lenten season it is detrimental that we follow these two commandments. It’s time for us to come back to the faith this season. Each of these commandments are extremely important in our every day lives.