Lenten Prayer Reflection by Anna Bongiorno

Mar 01 2015

Mark 9:2-10
This gospel reading is the transfiguration. Jesus takes his disciples Peter, James and John atop a high mountain by themselves to pray. Jesus’ clothes became white, purer than any fuller on earth could possibly bleach them. Then, Elijah appeared along with Moses and was conversing with Jesus. The disciples were stunned and terrified. Then a cloud came over them and said “This is my beloved son, listen to him.” The cloud disappeared and the disciples were left alone with Jesus. In this reading, Peter, James and John get a clearer image of who Jesus is and what suffering he is about to endure. It is easy of us to lose sight of Jesus during the year and we can find ourselves drifting away from him. This lenten season, we should open our minds and hearts and try to understand Jesus more fully. Focusing and developing a deeper understanding of Christ helps us to have a better relationship with him throughout the whole year. We can accomplish this by going to eucharistic adoration, midday prayer, or even focusing on the prayer before class or your personal prayer. In doing this, we can recognize what our real goal in life is: spending life with God and Jesus for eternity in heaven.