Lenten Prayer Reflection by Bianca Camarda

Mar 22 2014

LK 15:1-3, 11-32
Lent is a season of reflection and repentance. During this time, we are invited by God to cleanse ourselves from the many obstacles that prevent us from spreading His true love. In this gospel passage, we see a father welcoming his returning son with open arms, although his son has gone against him and left the house. One may say, “How can he embrace his son after what he did?” However, as Catholics we must learn to forgive people. It can be very easy for us to hold grudges and ignore those who have wronged us. By openly forgiving, we can cleanse our hearts from any negative feelings and open our arms with love. Lent is a perfect time for us to welcome people with the love of our faith. It is a time where we can accept the grace of our God and let others back into our lives. By doing so, we are living out our lives in the way The Lord calls us to live.