Lenten Prayer Reflection by Carolyn Sanders

Apr 09 2017
MT 26:14-27:66
This gospel always amazes me because of the way Jesus was betrayed by those he trusted, yet he didn’t waiver from what he knew was going to happen. Judas betrayed Jesus when he sold him out to the high priests and after watching Jesus get arrested and condemned to death, he felt so awful about what he had done that he gave the money back to the sinners and hung himself. I admire how Jesus was very courageous throughout all of this because he knew the danger that was coming but he did not resist it, instead he accepted it because he knew it was what was right.
Jesus was also denied by one of his closest apostles, Peter. When asked three times if he knew Jesus, Peter said he did not know the man in front of many people standing on the courtyard where Jesus had just been condemned. Again, this shows the courageousness of Jesus. This was something that He knew would happen but he still chose put his trust in Peter. When struggling with the idea of trust, I will look to this gospel and follow the way Jesus always loved and trusted the people that betrayed and denied Him.