Lenten Prayer Reflection by Chaz Scala

Apr 15 2014

Gospel jn 13:21-33, 36-38

How can we learn to be more accepting of the trials that come our way? Oftentimes, when we are searching for guidance, we turn to the image of Christ himself. There is no better example of acceptance and quiet grace than Jesus at the Last Supper.
Jesus knew he would be betrayed: first by Judas, who essentially sold his soul for thirty pieces of silver, and later by Peter, who would deny him three times. However, Jesus does not run from his fate. Although he was aware of the imminent abandonment by his disciples, he does not encourage them to stay with him. Instead, he does as the Father tells him, as we all should, but sometimes do not have the courage to. Jesus was filled with strength in the face of death and abandonment. Both literally and figuratively, he took up the cross, and was able to redeem all of mankind.