Lenten prayer reflection by Delia Fernandez

Mar 23 2015

JN 8:1-11
​In the Readings for March 23, 2015, the very beautiful and God-fearing wife of Joakim, Susanna, has her morals/values put to the test. Susanna went out into the garden one day with her two maids to take a bath. Upon request, she asked for oil, soap, and to shut the garden doors while she bathe. Nobody else was there except two elders, who had hidden themselves and were watching her. As soon as the maids had left, the two old men got up and hurried to her. “Look, they said, the garden doors are shut, and no one can see us; give in to our desire, and lie with us.
If you refuse, we will testify against you that you dismissed your maids because a young man was here with you.” At that moment, Susanna was at a standstill. Her only choices were to give in and, in sin, lie with them or refuse and be sentenced to death. She then exclaimed, “…it is better for me to fall into your power without guilt than to sin before the Lord.”
​ As Catholics we experience these “standstills”, similar to what Susanna experienced, throughout various times in our lives. Once in a while, we are placed in front of two paths in which we acquire “free will” to choose the one we will walk upon. Path “A” offers the duty to sacrifice as you will be proving your loyalty and love for God while Path “B” will offer a sinful action and benefit you by keeping you out of trouble for the time being. Each path has its advantages and disadvantages. This Lent it is our goal, as Catholics, to come to know which path we plan to take. Will we suffice to live in sin or will we reign over sin? So this Lent, are you Path “A” or Path “B”?