Lenten Prayer reflection by Dominique Kercy

Apr 03 2014

John 5:31-47
In John 5:31-47, Jesus says to the Jews that John the Baptist testifies on his behalf, and although he is a great prophet who speaks the truth, Jesus speaks a deeper truth. He tells them the Father Almighty has sent Him to testify so they can receive eternal life through Him. They are quick to accept others, but not Him, the One who comes from the Father. The Jews place their hope in the Scriptures, specifically in Moses, instead of believing Christ’s holy words.
This gospel passage applies to us as Catholics today. Like the Jewish people of Jesus’ time, we too, lose hope in Christ. We sometimes trust in other sources, such as horoscopes, other people or even ourselves, to be our light and our guide. However, it is only the Son of God who should be the center of our lives and our guiding light in all that we say and do.