Lenten Prayer Reflection by Elizabeth Huggard

Mar 31 2017

JN 7:1-2 & 25-30

This reading is from the Gospel of John Chapter 7: 1-2, 10, & 25-30. This Gospel begins with Jesus traveling through Galilee around the time of the Jewish feast of Tabernacles. He went to the feast as if it was a secret, and people questioned if He was the Man who the Jews were trying to kill. Jesus responded by saying that all of the people knew Him and where He was from, but He did not come on his own. Although the people tried to arrest Him, they were not successful because “His hour had not yet come”.  Even though Jesus knew others would recognize Him, he was not afraid to go out in a dangerous time to spread the Word of God. As faithful Catholics, we cannot be scared to proclaim our beliefs and stand up for what we think is right in a world full of conflict and turmoil.