Lenten Prayer reflection by Elizabeth Huggard

Mar 10 2017

MT 5:20-26

This reading is from the Gospel of Matthew 5:20-26. It is a segment from the Sermon on the Mount and Jesus is talking to His Disciples. He is preaching the commandment “You shall not kill”. He tells His followers that even though you should not kill, there are many other actions which He considers just as bad as to kill. Jesus says that one should not hate or be angry. He describes that one should not make an offering if that person has hurt another. It is not possible to love God if you hate others. I truly believe that Jesus was trying to tell us that we need to be accepting of others and welcome them into our hearts despite their qualities or actions which we may not agree with. During this season of Lent, we must try our best to accept others as Jesus did up to his Crucifixion and continues to do as He forgives us each time we sin.