Lenten Prayer Reflection by Elizabeth Liguori

Mar 27 2017
JN 4: 43-54
In this Gospel, Jesus returns to Galilee, where he made the water turn to wine at the wedding feast at Cana. Because of that, the people of Galilee welcomed him. Then, in Cana, a royal official whose son was sick and dying, asked Jesus to heal his son. Jesus said, “Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will not believe.” Then Jesus told the man that he could go back home and his son would be healed. Upon his return, the royal official was told that his son would live and his fever left him at the same time Jesus told the man that his son would be healed. This was the second sign Jesus did when he came to Galilee. This made the people believe.
We must remember to always believe in Jesus, even when it doesn’t seem like he is there. The people in this Gospel needed signs to believe, but we, as Catholics, know that we don’t need signs to know that God is always with us.